Having worked with a lot of insurance agents, we understand the challenges of tracking multiple things and information at the same time.

CRM helps you manage your day to day activities by ensuring you have all the information you need readily available and organised so that you can focus more on growing your business. It provides you with a reliable and secure means to store client data and manage your daily activities.

Stay organised and grow your business.

Our CRM allows you to securely store all of your client data, track leads, and remind you of follow ups – all from one centralised system. The system reminds you which leads require follow ups and track which policies are about to expire making sure you don’t miss anything.

The system ensures you have your clients’ policy information and renewal dates readily available. Other important information including policy applications, renewal dates, medical information, leads, current clients, group plans, and more are also securely recorded – and you can include custom notes based on your interactions too, helping you build stronger relationships with your client.

You can even pull up reports in real-time so you can better understand your sales funnel, see which channels are producing more leads and identify areas you can improve in your sales process.

We understand that you might already have your own way of doing things, which is why we want to help you integrate our technology seamlessly into what you are already doing. We have made our CRM fully customisable and we provide top notch support to make sure you have all the help you need in setting it up – so you can focus more on you growing your business.